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Beginner Level Workout: CNS Connection

Walk, Run or Bike 5 min
General Range of Motion Warm-up

A1. Bear crawl 3×10-12 feet;
Easy pace, concentrating on the balance and good movement; No Rest
A2. Walking lunges 3×10 (5 each leg); No Rest
A3. Towel or TRX Rows 3×8-10; No Rest
A4. Flutter kicks 3×10; Use military four count; Rest :30

B. Bike or Sprint or Walk
6 Minutes of:
:30 sprint @75% effort
:30 easy pace @50%
You may substitute biking on a stationary bike, Air Dyne or Assault Bike or a stationary rowing machine.

General mobility

What you need for the workout:
Sheet, towel or TRX straps

Workout Goals:
To learn or reset your proper movement patterns that connect your central nervous system to your muscular structure.


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