Make Ready with Gunsite: Citizen Response to Active Shooter


The threat or perceived threat of an active shooter/terrorist is of significant concern to many of us in today’s world. At issue however, is the level of hype or hyperbole associated with the topic. Most of the information is based on the hysterics of the media, which has little basis in fact. Gunsite’s Citizen Response to Active Shooter will dispel the myths. Founded in 1976 by Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, Gunsite today stands as a testament to Jeff’s teachings and has become America’s Premier Firearms Training Center. In this video we review criminals versus terrorists, most versus least likely attack profiles, weapon skills, and tactical skills including live fire movement, use of cover, engagements in crowded environments, room entry & security, vehicles, response versus tactical options, resources and more. This is a must watch video that will be an excellent addition to your existing handgun training.


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