Make Ready with Bob Vogel: Stage Tactics of Practical Shooting

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Here multi-World and National Champion shooter Robert Vogel shows you how to best approach and shoot a stage, or course of fire, in Practical shooting competition.  Robert reviews the gear he uses in USPSA and IDPA as well as the targets for both sports and their respective scoring methods. Using both IDPA and USPSA rules as a guideline, Robert demonstrates match stages from the perspective of each sport. He also demonstrates the El Presidente drill, Mozambique drill, and One-and-One Drill. With the competition and membership numbers quickly growing in both of these shooting sports this video will give you an edge in getting to the next level and achieving your goals.



Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Make Ready with Bob Vogel: Stage Tactics of Practical Shooting

  1. Gonzalo Senosiain

    Every one who wants to get into competitive shooting most see all of vogels videos

  2. Levi

    I think the DVD was pretty good. He runs several courses how he would in uspsa and then how he would shooting IDPA. I found it helpful.

  3. Clayton

    If you’ve ever seen Vogel live in action, then you will want to get your hands on every lesson he makes. He has a mindset that transfers really well to video. You can learn a lot about competition pistol shooting by watching this video & implementing Vogel’s teachings!

  4. Nick_spadaro

    I really did not think this video would be applicable to me. After watching it I realized I had been mistaken! I am not a big competitive shooter, but watching how he runs the gun, conducts reloads and even how he holds the pistol really helped me learn to dominate and drive the pistol. Not the most exciting video in the collection but it was well worth the time to watch it.

  5. Stu

    This video was a huge help to me when I first started getting into competitive shooting. This and his other video helped me start off my IDPA shooting strong.

  6. Steven Nunes

    Stage Tactics of Practical Shooting is another Great Panteao Productions video that Features Bob Vogel. I just finished watching his Mastering IDPA video and I think that this video does a great job of building on the material from that one. In this video Bob Vogel goes over his stage tactics on how he would shoot a variety of stages from both an IDPA and USPSA perspective. He does a great job of differentiating how some of the IDPA rules impact how he shoots a particular stage when contrasted with shooting the same stage using USPSA’s rules. This video is an excellent guide for those who are trying to improve their competitive shooting skills and also for anyone who is a fan of Bob Vogel and enjoys getting tips and advice from one of the best athletes in Competitive Shooting.

  7. Stephen Brown

    I love being taught by people that actually know because they’ve been there and done that. These aren’t his ideas on what might work, these are what he knows works. This is a good one to watch from time to time if you are a competitor and want to keep your game on point. It really is a way of thinking and looking at things differently to gain that competitive edge.

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