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Advanced Level Workout: Strength Floor Press-Deadlift-Metcon

Walk, Run or Bike 5 min
Dynamic Range of Motion

A. 3 sets of:
6 Push-ups
8 Stiff legged deadlift 45/25
10 Inch worms

B1. Floor press 4×6-8; Building; No rest
B2. Deadlift 4×6-8; Building; Rest :30

C.10 sets of 30 Second 10-meter Shuttle
(Sprint back and forth between two cones, 10 meters apart) 30 second rest.
Try to get 10 lengths (5 round trips) each set

General mobility

What you need for the workout:
• Barbell with weights
• Markers for sprints

Workout Goals:
• To build strength under external resistance to challenge body structure and position through full ranges of motion.
• Building weight is increasing each set until the repetitions are challenging, but doable.
• Warming-up properly is having an increased heart rate and sweating.


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