Choosing Your Knife with Battle Horse Knives

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Choosing a knife can be a hard decision. Between the different styles, shapes and materials it can be tricky coming up with what fits you and your needs best. Do you want a bushcraft style or tactical knife? Or do you need something just for hunting? Would a spear point or drop point be better? Should you go with a flat grind or convex? Then there is the material itself and tang style. Not to mention the handle shape and material. Dan Coppins walks you through different knife styles, blade materials, heat treatment, choosing a grind, blade shapes, handle materials, sheaths, maintenance and more. Whether you’re in the market for a high quality knife or just want to better educate yourself on the options that are out there, this video is for you. Dan is Co-Owner of Battle Horse Knives and has been an avid hunter for over forty years. Dan has three children and six grandchildren that he enjoys passing on his hunting and outdoor knowledge to. Dan enjoys making and designing knives that will bring his company to the next level.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Choosing Your Knife with Battle Horse Knives


    Very informative. Simple, yet thorough explanations of various styles of knives, what each style is best used for as well as great explanations for various blade options.

  2. Ruben

    As Dredger said, it is a very simple yet effective video in education of basic knife design. As an amateur knife aficionado it is somewhat derivative however the guys at Battle Horse Knives make great stuff and it was awesome to see their take and theory behind designs in action.

  3. Steven Nunes

    This is an excellent introductory video on knives. The video is narrated by Dan Coppins, the owner of Battle Horse Knives. He starts off this documentary by discussing the differences between a Tactical Knife and a Bush Craft knife. He talks about styles of knives as well. The next segment of the video goes into Types of Steel, Heat Treatment, and Types of Grind. The end of the video talks about Handle Material, Sheaths, and Basic Knife Maintenance. I think that this is an excellent video for someone who is new to knives and wants to learn a lot of useful information.

  4. Timothy Lyons

    Great video with the basics of choosing a knife, including blade shapes, types of grinds, handle materials, sheaths, etc. While it was very informative on which type of knife to buy for your needs, I felt the 20 minutes spent on types of steels and heat treating techniques were excessive for someone who’s simply looking to use a knife. On the other hand, the video only spent about a minute on keeping a knife sharp, which is something that every knife owner needs to know, not how to heat treat. All and all a great video for the knife users out there, but a bit lacking on the maintenance side.

  5. Louis Minadeo

    Great overview!! Informative without a sales pitch. The explanation of factors and considerations for your knife requirements was great. Made me think about the knives I have that do not meet my requirements for certain activities. Time well spent.

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