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Combat Lifesaver is an introduction to the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), particularly the Care Under Fire (CUF) portion of the doctrine. The video is taught by John “Doc” Spears. Doc is an instructor for EAG Tactical. He started his career in the US Army as an 18D, Special Operations Medical Sergeant in 3rd battalion 7th Special Forces Group. He joined the 12th Special Forces Group while attending college, obtained a biochemistry degree, attended Osteopathic medical school, and then completed an orthopedic surgical residency and finally a spine surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Florida. In this video, Doc reviews care under fire, the individual first aid kit (IFAK), packing a wound and applying a battle dressing, tourniquets, hemorrhage, the airway, chest injuries, drag & carry, and more. This is a must have and must watch video if you are serious about first aid treatment and casualty care.

Reviews (21)

21 reviews for Make Ready with Doc Spears: Combat Lifesaver

  1. Stu

    I’d put this video in the top 5 of all of the Panteao Videos I’ve watched so far. He has an excellent balance of explanation and demonstration. It was a perfect refresher to the T.C.C.C class I recently took, and I learned some new stuff as well.

  2. nathan

    I will like to agree with the previous review this is a great T cc see

  3. nathan

    I would like to agree with the previous review of this video for EMT who does wilderness search and rescue that has had to deal with gunshot wounds from hunters or if you and T that rides into an area that might be an active shooter scenario the stuff that is covered in this video helps the mindset of those who are going to be treating tactical style

  4. Levi

    Great dvd.

  5. Clayton

    This is my favorite DVD within my medical collection. I use his liter bottle example all the time as well as several others. This really helps separate traditional training and COMBAT training. You’re going to get the basics for actual combat which is vastly different that your traditional training which is teaching knee wraps, broken bone procedures, etc… This is the real deal!

  6. James Nolen

    Good video of TCCC! one of the better instructional/lecture videos i have seen. It was fairly longer than most other panteao videos, which is good considering the topic.

  7. Charles Porth

    I agree with Stu, one of their best videos. Doc Spears is entertaining and enlightening. Great information for Officer survival. You can survive and help others survive the golden hour.

  8. Lee

    Great information. I learned quite a lot. This video should be in everyone’s collection.

  9. I agree with Stu that this was one of the 5 most useful Panteao videos. Doc Spear’s DVD is packed full of medical knowledge that can save lives. It also filled some gaps in my medical knowledge – I have wanted to take a tactical combat care under fire class but have not had the opportunity to take one.

  10. Nick_spadaro

    This is one of my favorite Panteao Videos. You can’t find this info anywhere else on the internet! Great in depth instruction. Some may find it slightly dry but if the topic is interesting to you then you will enjoy the movie for sure.

  11. Richard Marby

    To be truly prepared for a home defense situation you and your family need to know the information on this video. It is very well done, with good explanations and clear visual aides to help you understand the material. I’ve taken multiple self aid/buddy care courses in the military and this video is way better than anything I’ve seen before.

  12. David

    I have watched many medical videos and this is the best. Doc Spears does a great job talking clearly and explaining how to properly apply care. There are many things I have heard from youtube and others that Doc Spears explains why or why not to do. For each topic he discusses the idea and also demonstrates the idea.

  13. Ruben

    Great video for anyone, period. I am a certified EMT with fairly heavy training in most of what Doc Spears develops thought the video, however it was still a pleasure to watch and I learned a lot. This is a necessity for anyone.

  14. Steven Nunes

    Make Ready with Doc Spears: Combat Lifesaver is another Great training video from Panteao Productions. There are not a lot of training videos out there that cover First Responder skill sets. The ones that do are mostly low-level basic first aid and CPR type training. This video provides Combat Lifesaver training – it focuses on the 3 main types of battlefield injuries – Traumatic Blood Loss, Open Pneumothorax, and Airway Obstruction. Doc Spears also goes over what should be in your IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) and discusses the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Care Under Fire (CUF).

  15. Jonathan Hardy

    This is a fantastic video. All the other reviews above really hit why this is such a good title.
    I truly hope Panteao does a few more medical titles. This is a good start and there are so many topics that could be covered.
    I’ve recommended this title plenty!

  16. Timothy Lyons

    Excellent video! For those who train with your gun and don’t have medical training, you’re overlooking something very important! Doc Spears gives you a great overview of TCCC principles and put everything into perspective. As usual, this video isn’t a replacement for hands-on training, but it’s a great start to understanding the TCCC protocols!

  17. Tango1701d

    R Severe, Carrollton, Texas, This is an extremely important video, straight to the point. This should be viewed by every military, security and law enforcement professional. I have watched this video 4 times and plan to watch it again.

  18. Smokey Joe

    When it comes to saving a life, obviously a skilled lifesaver is someone who can be as efficient and as logical as possible to make the right decisions and take the correct actions. So it goes to say that knowledge all by itself is simply not enough. Doc Spears does a wonderful job of taking the time to explain things to a layman such as that I can at least gain the basic knowledge that is needed to try to make a difference if caught in one of those unfortunate situations. He also does a great job of providing the simplest possible way for you to apply the principles that he covers as well as why it’s important. It’s very easy to give this video 5 stars. This is one of those presentations that would be good to memorize line for line just like my kids do for with the Disney movies…but this one actually provides way more benefit for doing so! I plan to watch this movie over and over and I know it will challenge me for many years to come. It’s probably just as important, if not more important, to review a chapter a week along with going to the range each week. The fact that this is the only video like this in the Panteao collect speaks volumes to how special Doc is…and it’s much appreciated that he took the time to make this.

  19. Stephen Brown

    One of the best videos on here. So much content, so much sound technique. I just wish it was available for purchase on DVD. This guy knows his stuff and is a great teacher.

  20. Alvin Alexander

    This is an exceptional video produced by John “Doc” Spears. Although the audience for his instructional video is geared more toward the war fighter or law enforcement officer, there is much here to learn for the everyday citizen who finds himself in harms way as well. The training Doc Spears impairs is well beyond basic first aid. This is solid life saving skills you need to know. Buy a copy of this video for yourself and buy a copy for safe keeping.

  21. Joe Putnam

    I enjoyed Doc Spears video on “combat” first aid, aka operator treatment of a gunshot wound prior to evacuation to a hospital. It gives one a glimpse of what a combat medic in the army would need to know. This dvd refreshed me on a few issues, gave me new knowledge, and has inspired me to update me current first aid kit.

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