Make Ready with Dave Harrington: Dynamic Dry Fire Training

Runtime: 04hr, 35min
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Dynamic Dry Fire Training is a must see video to build your handgun skills. Whether you are new to handgun shooting or an experienced shooter, this is for you. Dave Harrington breaks down the fundamentals of dry fire training while also showing the live fire equivalent so that you can systematically increase your skill set. Dave is a retired senior weapons instructor from the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

In this two disc set, Dave covers how to get organized, learning by doing, pistol modifications, pistol handling and getting ready, basic firing, the v-block firing drill, malfunctions, dry fire drills, picking up a pistol drills, drawing a pistol drills, mounting a pistol from the holster, different loading techniques, and more.



Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Make Ready with Dave Harrington: Dynamic Dry Fire Training

  1. Levi

    Better than expected. You can tell this guy really knows his stuff, even though he sometimes stumbles for words. I liked him and his lesson plan…very thorough.

  2. Clayton

    Dry firing simply put, just has to be part of your training regiment. Dave helps drive this point home & offers great advice! He’s been in the game for a long time & could practically shoot with his eyes closed, so who better to learn from then a seasoned expert.

  3. Dylan

    There were a lot of exercises presented in this video. Reminded me of a few forgottens and some new ones to train with. Looking forward to implementing these on my regiment.

  4. Stu

    I have had the opportunity to train with Dave twice so far. I credit his training methods with a GIANT influence on my shooting skill-set. Dave is functioning on a whole different level with pistol, and if you don’t pay attention, you will miss it. He might not be as flashy or polished as some other guys, but this is the guy I take my combat shooting advice from.

  5. Chad Bradford

    Thank you Super Dave! Much time, thought and planning went into this great video. My training time is 95% dry fire. Dave Harrington is the real deal. I hope he makes a 1911 specific video in the future.

  6. Ruben

    Super Dave has a method to his madness. Each drill is developed to be done in a stepwise manner to incrementally improve your performance at crucial mechanics of pistol shooting and fighting. If you follow his system you will become a better shooter without a doubt.

  7. f.hardy7

    Great video on a topic not covered enough, but this is a thorough video with a ton of good training.

  8. David Garrett

    Dry fire is so important. And it is easy to get bored or train bad habits. This video from Dave Harrington will prevent both of those issues. Not only that, but the instruction is fantastic and from a guy you can trust. These days, when ammo is scarce, dry firing should be happening at like a 10/1 ratio with live fire.
    I would recommend this to anyone.

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