World Class Pistol Skills Class with Robert Vogel

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Join Robert Vogel for highlights from his World Class Pistol Skills class that was held at the Panteao facility.

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for World Class Pistol Skills Class with Robert Vogel

  1. Tango1701d

    R Severe, Carrollton, Texas, Robert Vogel’s video is broken down into short, entertaining sections that are interesting and full of detailed pointers on his craft. I have watch these a few times, and I enjoy his openness and teaching style. There is NO fluff in these clips, he really goes straight to the point.

  2. brightpaths

    This is an excellent presentation about the basics of pistolcraft by a master shooter. His take on holding your pistol and using the trigger effectively, expanded the knowledge I received from the gun classes I’ve taken at my local Guns & Gear gunshop and shooting Club. He’s an excellent instructor with an outstanding teaching style. You can watch these videos over and over and learn something that you’ve missed with each subsequent viewing!

  3. Stephen Brown

    This is one of those guys that you know has actually practiced and honed his craft. Just watching his movements and deliberate actions shows that. It is clear that he has put in the time to be a master. He has no wasted movements, theatrics, or fluff. When he does something, or teaches something, it is because he knows it works. Good stuff here.

  4. Marcus S

    Fantastic review of some of the basics of pistol shooting. It is what separates the elites from the rest, their application of the fundamentals/basics is truly masterful. He dissects every part of his movement in relation to the pistol and as the reviewer above said removes all the wasted movements and keeps what works. Truly thought out and proven again and again at high level competitions under stress. Absolute mastery

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